28% of All Ad Revenue in 2010 Was Digital

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Sterling Draper Cooper Price would be dead in the water by now. Advertising Age is reporting that 28% of US ad agency revenue in 2010 came from digital services, up 19.6% from the year before.

According to AdAge’s study, more than half of the estimated $8.5 billion spent on digital went to agencies that specialize in digital advertising, with around 42% being spent on agencies that specialize in customer relationship management or direct marketing. None of this will come as a surprise to the agencies themselves; PR agencies are reporting digital revenue doubling in size last year, and contributing up to a third of all revenue for the year in some cases. As Omnicom CEO John Wren told analysts last year, “Fundamentally, I believe that anything that’s not digital will soon be digital or soon be very, very unimportant.”

Suddenly, I realize why so many people on Twitter are trying to sell me things.

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