Photo Duo Creates Harry Potter-Style Moving Photos for the Web

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Remember the moving photos that appear in newspapers and magazines in the Harry Potter stories?

Well someone’s come up with a digital equivalent that could bring news articles to life on tablet computers, phones and e-readers.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg worked together to create subtle animated GIF images for the web. They’re photos, but with a small element of animation added. And they look amazing.

In the past, animated GIF images were all about cheesy UNDER CONSTRUCTION signs for personal websites. Beck and Burg’s work takes them to a whole new level. Now they’re works of art.

Their stuff for New York Fashion week puts the idea to work in style. Models are seen with their hair waving in the breeze, reflections move in windows, newspapers rustle silently.

And because these are humble GIF images, they’ll work everywhere. I’d love to read a digital magazine made with a few of these instead of huge processor- and disk-hogging video files.

(Via Fast Company Design)