Take a Ride into Space with Virgin Galactic for Just $200,000

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Blast off with some more money in your wallet. Long are the days when you shelled out $20 million for a trip into space –Virgin Galactic is instead offering rides for $200,000. That’s two zeros shaved off the price. Just forget buying a home, you don’t really need protection from the elements anyways.

What does that get you? A two-hour ride into the deep, deep beyond. Actually, though, five minutes are only spent in actual space and you do get to experience zero gravity. Let’s be realistic, no Moon and no Mars. Who are you? Neil Armstrong?

Unfortunately, the company is still conducting test flights and the first launch might not happen until 2013. Each fight will only carry eight people, six of which will be passengers. The Farmington Daily Times reports that 400 people have already made deposits for upcoming flights.

Virgin Galactic’s vice president said that one day he expects a trip into space might only cost as much as an SUV. They expect that the flights will attract scientists, as well as adventurers. Although, alternatively, if you’re short of some cash to burn, you could just apply to become one of their astronaut-pilots! Problem solved.

(via Farmington Daily Times)

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