YouTube Founders Find Delicious, Well, Delicious

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It’s YouTube co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley to the rescue, snapping up social bookmarking website from Yahoo and underwriting its future. The site had been marked for “sunsetting” by Yahoo per a leaked slide last December, prompting much indignation from Delicious buffs. Yahoo reacted by releasing a FAQ denying the site was shuttering, and that it was simply looking to give Delicious a new home.

No one’s talking terms yet, but Chen and Hurley have a new Internet company called that just so happens to be located down the street from YouTube’s birthplace in San Mateo, California. Google picked up YouTube from Chen and Hurley in November 2006 for a cool $1.76 billion.

It sounds like Hurley will be CEO in the deal, and AVOS’s plans for the site are “to continue to provide the same great service users love and to make the site even easier and more fun to save, share, and discover the web’s ‘tastiest’ content.”

They’re also–and here’s the interesting part–looking to solve the problem of “information overload.”

“We see this problem not just in the world of video, but also cutting across every information-intensive media type,” said Chen in a statement.

Yahoo will keep the lights on until July 2011, at which point AVOS will start picking up the tab. For more info, check out AVOS’s Delicious FAQ.