Apple May Have Purchased for $4.5 Million

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Note to self: Purchase domain names with the letter “I” followed by an actual word, just in case. is reporting that a company in Sweden named Xcerion that owns the domain has recently purchased and renamed its iCloud service to CloudMe.

But why?

Apparently Apple bought from Xcerion to the tune of a cool $4.5 million. If true, that’s a pretty clear sign that Apple intends to use the domain for something and that something could very likely be Apple’s long-rumored web-based iTunes music service.

The “iCloud” name leaves it open for more than just music, too, so we it’s not out of the realm of possibility that may see additional features like file storage down the line as well.

None of this is official yet—GigaOM cites an unnamed source and Xcerion still appears as the owner of per the site’s registration records—but rumors of Apple’s cloud-based iTunes service have been heating up lately and Apple’s got a big developer conference coming up in June, so the timing might be coming together pretty nicely.

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