This Leica x iPhone Concept Is Beautiful

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When it comes to camera phones, the iPhone 4 is hard to beat. Sure, there’s the HTC Inspire 4G and its 8 megapixel sensor (compared to the iPhone’s slightly more modest 5), but in terms of augmentative apps, photo quality and the fact that megapixels only matter to certain degree, Apple’s handheld stands alone.

What’s more, considering camera phones are already sounding the death knell for the point & shoot market, and as more and more designers are finding quirky ways to mod the device’s preexisting lens, this mockup for a Leica i9 Concept Camera by BLACK Design Associates starts making a lot of sense.

Leica’s rangefinders have long been the epitome of camera design and lens quality, and their diminutive size allow for a portability and unobtrusiveness that SLRs haven’t yet realized. Essentially a dock, the Leica end sports a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and 35mm lens capable of 8x zoom, while the iPhone would allow for all the tethered connectivity you’d normally get with a smartphone (like direct uploads to Flickr) in addition to serving as an outsized memory card.

Plus, the design-oriented sensibilities of both Leica and Apple seem to really complement one another here. Consider this my vote that it happens.

More pretty photos after the jump.

(via Freshness Mag)

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