Facebook Comment Editing Arrives at Last

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Did you just write something stupid on Facebook? Delete no more, my friend, because Facebook comment editing is finally here.

The ability to edit Facebook comments extends only to replies for existing status updates and wall posts. It won’t work for status updates themselves.

To edit, just click the “X” next to the comment, as if you’re going to delete it, and the comment box will reappear. This trick only works for a few seconds, after which, your only recourse is to delete the comment and start afresh.

Ostensibly, the feature exists to help users clean up typos for the old post-proofread. The time limit on editing prevents users from rewriting history with their comments — although you can still delete comments at any time. Inside Facebook reckons that Facebook’s true motive is to encourage more confidence when commenting, resulting in longer, more thoughtful comments, and hence, more user engagement.

Or it’s just a useful feature of web forums that’s that’s long overdue on Facebook. Good news, either way.