How to Wipe Twitter Clean of the Royal Wedding

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The big event itself may be over – and, hey, the internet is still apparently standing after all! – but that doesn’t mean that Royal Wedding fever isn’t going to continue all through the rest of the day on your social media of choice (That dress isn’t going to discuss itself, people).

Luckily, though, you don’t have to join in: GeekSugar is already suggesting that people use the Chrome plug-in Proxlet to filter out wedding-related hashtags, but there are options for non-Chrome users as well: Here’s a content filter for TweetDeck, here’s a guide for filtering tweets on HootSuite, and there’s even a userscript for ensuring that you can dodge certain topics on the new version of Twitter, as well.

All manner of methods are available to ensure that you can avoid tweets with hashtags like “#ProudToBeBritish” – Trust me, that one will disappear as quickly as the post-ceremony afterglow – and “#theykissed.” Sure, they won’t help you avoid being swamped by commentary on Facebook, but there’s an even easier solution for that one: Choose your friends very carefully.

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