Sony Says PSN Cloud Saves and Offline Trophies Safe, ‘Goodwill Gesture’ Coming

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We’re now a full week and two days into the PlayStation Network outage, and Sony’s stepping up its public relations campaign, posting the second in a new question and answer series.

The good news first, because there isn’t any bad news (or at least none Sony’s ready to share): your download history, friends lists, and PSN settings will be unaffected by the outage. That may seem obvious, but hey, it’s what folks are asking.

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Here’s one that’s not as obvious: trophies earned in single-player offline games will be intact when the service resumes, and simply need to be resynchronized. Note that only applies–again, self-evidently–if your PS3’s hard drive doesn’t crash, and you don’t elect to wipe all your data before the sync can occur (keep glasses of Kool-Aid, refrigerator magnets, and small children with screwdrivers well away from your PS3, in other words).

Premium tier “PlayStation Plus” members should be pleased to hear their PS+ cloud saves are intact as well, and will be accessible as soon as PSN service resumes.

Those who subscribe to an online roleplaying game like DC Universe Online or Free Realms may be compensated, though Sony Online Entertainment’s still hashing out the details. SOE says it will host “special events” across its portfolio of games, and that it’s “also working on a ‘make good’ plan for players of the PS3 versions of DC Universe Online and Free Realms.”

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And last but not least, Sony says it’s “evaluating ways to show appreciation” to PSN and Qriocity members for their “extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online.” That’s all Sony’s saying, but expect something in the form of redeemable codes for games, music, or related services. My bet: they’re debating whether to dole out the same freebie content to everyone, or hand over the equivalent of a redeemable PSN or Qriocity gift card.

The reaction to the Q&A in comments–over 100 responses as this post goes live–has so far been predominantly positive.