Spotify to Add Movie Streaming? As Likely As Rocket Science, Says CEO

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Spotify hasn’t even launched in the US yet, but rumor has it the European streaming music service may offer far more than just songs to wile away the hours. Recent buzz suggests Spotify plans to roll out a premium streaming movie rental service for customers this fall, and offer subscribers VoD access to features just weeks after theatrical release. The most impressive part of the rumor is that the company is in negotiations with major studios for worldwide streaming rights–no region limits, in other words.

Sounds impressively ambitious, right? There’s only one problem: It might not actually be happening. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took to Twitter to set the record straight:

No it ain’t true. Media these days are funny. Soon I’ll be reading that Spotify is launching a space rocket.

But even denials and attempts to launch rocket-related-replacement-rumors aren’t enough for some people, as TechCrunch’s response demonstrates: “Since he’s said that in the past about a number of our stories, all of which turned out to be accurate, we’re going to wait and see.” That may just be the most sensible position of all.

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