The Man Who Blogged Bin Laden’s Death by Accident

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Hey world – meet Pakistani IT consultant Sohaib Athar.

At the time of writing, his Twitter account has nearly 21,500 followers, but expect that number to rise.

Athar, it turns out, gave the world moment-by-moment coverage of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden – without even knowing what was going on. (More on See photos of bin Laden’s family album)

First he mentioned helicopters lurking in the skies above. Then a huge window shaking bang, and the sounds of gunfire.

Hours later, he realised what had been happening, and found himself inundated with new followers on Twitter, and with emails and phone calls from journalists desperate to reach him. (More on See the top 10 defining moments of the post 9/11 era)

From his Twitter stream alone, Athar turns out to have a good sense of humor. At one point he asks if Abbottabad is open to terrorist attack now OBL is dead. Later, he says there aren’t many Twitter users in the town, because those guys are more into Facebook.

But the funniest tweet? The one where he says moving to the small town of Abbottabad was part of the ‘being safe’ strategy

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