This is Where Osama Was Hiding, According to Google Maps

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Osama bin Laden’s last stand unfolded in a barbed wire mansion in Abbottabad, Pakistan. According to Google Maps, this is where the raid happened.

Here’s a recount from TIME’s Battleland blog, which has an excellent piece on how exactly the raid went down:

U.S. intelligence had learned that bin Laden might be holed up in a high-walled compound in Abbottabad, some 50 miles northeast of Islamabad, last August. Basically a suburb of the capital, the well-to-do city is home to many retired Pakistani military officers as well as Pakistan’s military academy. That may explain the extraordinary secrecy surround the operation: few top officials in the U.S. government knew such an operation was afoot, and news of it wasn’t shared with any allies, including Pakistan. How bin Laden was able to reside in a posh compound for months, if not years, surrounded by former Pakistani military officers remains unknown.

Above we have one view according to The Telegraph. Note how large the perimeter of the compound appears in relation to its surroundings (and also the complete lack of accessible roads). This helps explains the decision to use helicopters to get the joint Navy-SEAL-CIA team from Point A to Point B. (Read about the man who live-tweeted the raid inadvertently here.) (More on See photos of bin Laden’s family album)

The Guardian has another version of the area culled up, which interestingly highlights some of the local businesses. Their report indicates that the compound is about 800 feet from a historic fortified police station, with an accompanying Flickr photo from 2007 to get a grounds-eye view of how everything went down.

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