AT&T Launching Groupon-Style Daily Deals Site

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It’s time to add – yet again – another Groupon competitor to the list of already growing entrants. Of course, Facebook has most recently thrown in its bid (after Google) to vie for a spot in the billion-dollar online coupon market. And now, enter AT&T into the ring.

The second-largest U.S. wireless provider is expected to introduce its own discount site in about a month in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas. Customers who sign up for the “Deal of the Day” through the company’s subsidiary will have the specials sent directly to e-mail. And starting today, customers can register to receive a $10 credit.

Eventually, AT&T plans to expand to other cities and offer the service on mobile devices, said Dawn Benton, an AT&T spokeswoman.

The company is entering an already crowded arena. With the success of sites such as Chicago-based Groupon and D.C.’s LivingSocial, it’s understandable that other players would want to jump on the bandwagon. Oh, and not to mention that the daily deals market is projected to grow close to $4 billion in 2015 from $1.25 billion this year, according to BIA/Kelsey.

I guess that’s a good enough reason for AT&T, in that case. Or maybe after weathering the loss of its iPhone exclusivity quite well, it’s looking to take on another challenge. Nevertheless, it’s the first kind of move for any wireless carrier. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Verizon follow suit next since nowadays no one can stick to a niche (but seriously).

(via Bloomberg)

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