Mm-Hmm: Apple Tells AT&T Rep No New iPhone This Summer?

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“Apple has informed us that they do not plan to release the iPhone in the June to July timeframe, though there will be a newer version in the future. Unfortunately, we have not been given a release time for the new phone. We will release this information on our website when it is available to us.”

There’s been no shortage of speculation regarding the release date of the next iPhone. Previous models have traditionally been announced at Apple’s June developers conference, but there have been some rumblings that the company may hold the release of the iPhone 5 until its annual September event—an event traditionally reserved to unveil new iPod models.

Remember the iPod? It’s built into every iPhone now, so the idea is that maybe Apple would just shift its iPhone launches to September to get people all whipped up for the holiday season instead of trying to drum up insane levels of excitement by just announcing iPods.

So is it possible that the next iPhone may not be announced in June at Apple’s developers conference? Absolutely.

Is it possible that Apple informed AT&T in May (or earlier) that the next iPhone wouldn’t be announced in June and then AT&T let that information trickle all the way down to its customer service reps and said it would be okay to relay that information to customers? That seems highly, highly unlikely.

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