Spotify Launches Music Download Service with iPod Sync

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Beating iTunes to the punch, eh? Spotify is launching its own download service in Europe. Apple can thank its lucky stars that Spotify is only limited to those across the continental divide.

You’ll be able to batch download songs off a playlist to your device. To add some extra icing to the cake, Spotify’s service will also now let you sync your MP3 playlists seamlessly to your iDevice. It looks like, for now, they will be limited to iPod classics, nanos and shuffles.

In addition, those who are using Spotify on Android and iOS can now sync playlists wirelessly (without a premium subscription). The whole thing rolls out today as part of an automatic update across the board.

If you’re using the free service, prices for download follow below:

  • 10 tracks for €9.99 or €1.00 per track (£7.99 or just under 80p per track)
  • 15 tracks for €12.99 or €0.87 per track (£9.99 / 67p)
  • 40 tracks for €30.00 or €0.75 per track (£25 / 63p)
  • 100 tracks for €60.00 or €0.60 per track (£50 / 50p)

Meanwhile, over back in the good ol’ U.S. of A, we’ll just have to contend with Amazon Cloud for now. We have our bets on Apple’s music service launching next, since it sounds like Google is still stuck negotiating some deals. (It ain’t a music service without the music.) Plus, Apple may have snagged a parking spot already.

I dare not even hope when Spotify will be able to make its way to the States.

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