10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook? No Thank You

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In a rare case where I hope the rumor proves false, Research in Motion may be planning a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

According to Boy Genius Report, the 10-inch PlayBook would debut this holiday season. The original PlayBook, a 7-inch tablet, launched last month.

Here’s the problem: The existing 7-inch PlayBook needs a lot of work. The tablet shipped without native e-mail and calendar apps, and the web browser is prone to crashing — especially when Adobe Flash is involved. Adding a new screen size would complicate the platform at a time when RIM needs to focus on the basics.

(More on TIME.com: The BlackBerry PlayBook: Another Interesting Unfinished Tablet)

The PlayBook also suffers from a serious app deficiency, thereby marring the multitasking and fast app switching that makes the tablet attractive in the first place. Right now, RIM needs to drum up developer interest and get more high quality apps on the platform. If the company introduces another screen size, it equates to another headache for developers, as they’ll have to accommodate two slightly different hardware sizes. A 10-inch tablet risks scaring developers away at a time when RIM desperately needs them.

And besides, the PlayBook’s 7-inch size works perfectly with the tablet’s swipe-based gestures. When holding the PlayBook with two hands, users can easily swipe from any bezel to call up menus and switch between apps. RIM got a lot of things wrong with the PlayBook, but the marriage of hardware and user interface is not one of them.

I’m not saying a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook will never be a good idea, but RIM’s resources are limited. According to BGR, RIM higher-ups are already upset with how many resources were allocated to the tablet instead of upcoming smartphones. Rather than setting sights on a 10-inch PlayBook, RIM needs to train the resources it has on the tablet it’s got.