An ‘Onlion’ Release for Apple’s Next OS

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If the letters “day” appear in the name of the day, there must be a fresh Apple rumor to report – and goodness me, so there is.

Today’s Apple speculation is that iSteve and the gang will release the next version of OS X as a download via their App Store.

That “Duh” sound you can hear is the world going “Duh”.

Of course OS X 10.7 Lion will be on the App Store. The developer preview was released that way, and Apple is not the sort of company to backtrack into the past.

When the first iMac came out, bristling with shiny new USB ports, that was it: USB was the new standard, and Apple stuck with it from then on. That’s how Apple rolls.

Also, there are huge benefits to online distribution. The App Store can check that your computer meets Lion’s minimum required specs. It can tie your purchase of Lion to your Apple ID, so Apple instantly knows who is running Lion and who isn’t (and how many Lion owners there are). There’s no need to manufacture and distribute CDs. Everything is so much faster and more efficient.

Some of Apple’s computers – and, I’d be willing to bet, pretty soon all of them – don’t even have optical disk drives. Online distribution isn’t just the way forward, it’s the only way forward.

(Via Apple Insider)