Father Live-Updated His Facebook Status While Killing His Daughter

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You know what’s sick and disgusting? As much as I’m a little nauseous about the ZOMG KATE BIN LADEN-MIDDLETON fiasco on my Facebook Newsfeed, this story over status updates makes me want to seriously hurl into the nearest bin.

Ramazan Acar, a 24-year-old father in Melbourne, Australia, announced to Facebook and the rest of the world that he was murdering his only daughter, as he was committing the act. “It’s ova I did it,” he texted the mother of his daughter, Rachelle D’Argent, after he killed his 2-year-old daughter, Yazmina.

“bout 2 kill ma kid,” he posted in a status update right before.

Just three days before, he affectionately posted on Facebook, “Yazmina + Ramzy 4 lyf.” He told D’Argent afterwards, “I killed her to get back at you.” Acar had been previously banned from seeing Yazmina previously because of a troubled past.

Acar has pleaded guilty to murder, as he rightfully should, for his daughter’s death. There’s over-sharing, but then there’s also just being a sad, sad, pathetic excuse of a human being.

D’Argent reported in a police statement that “If you saw [Yazmina’s] face when she saw her dad… She had stars in her eyes when she ran up to him.”

(via Herald-Sun)

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