Startup Aims to Ease the Pain of Email Attachments

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Attachments. Email wouldn’t be the same without them, but who among us can honestly hold up their hand and say out loud: “Attachments! I love ’em!”?


Attachments are painful. They lurk among your email messages, filling up your storage quota and generally being annoying. There must be a better way.

That’s what the guys behind think, so they’re building a new webapp which they say will fix the whole problem.

Once you’ve connected the site to your webmail account, you can browse through attachments much more easily, as if they were documents in a folder. Attachments are treated as the primary thing here, not the messages they were attached to. It turns the whole idea on its head.

You can save searches, do social things with particular files, even search the text within attached documents. Neato stuff.

The site’s makers say they intend to do for your inbox what Dropbox did for your documents folder – so if that sounds like a good idea to you, scoot along and ask for an invite to the beta. Presumably the reply will be sent to your inbox as a complicated series of TIFF images and PDF docs, but you won’t mind that anymore, right?