Study Reveals Most Mobile Users Aren’t ‘Checking In’

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While we all know someone who inundates our social feeds with all of their “check ins,” it turns out that the idea of alerting the cyberspace world to our whereabouts is not too popular among most people.

A survey of more than 1,000 consumers conducted by digital agency Beyond shows that only 17% of the mobile users are taken with location-based apps such as Foursquare, Facebook Places and Instagram, according to Mashable.

So why are more users not flocking to the location-sharing pool?

Nearly 50% understandably cited privacy concerns as the main reason for not using the services. And let’s not forget about the 50% of mobile users who don’t own smartphones (yes, they are still out there…somewhere).

That doesn’t leave a lot of legroom for location-based apps to wheedle users. But even amidst low usage, clear winners do emerge from the study: 90% of respondents actively using check-in apps said they use Facebook Places. And 40% of those who have never checked in said they would consider sharing their location with Groupon. Obviously, this leaves one very lonely Foursquare out of the game (Can we say check out?).

As far as incentives go, app users in the study said they are motivated to share their locations for discounts. However, just 21% of users and a dismal 1% of non-users are enticed by badges and status rewards.

The results suggest that brands should develop geosocial strategies that leverage the power of networks such as Facebook and Groupon, according to the agency.

And the social moral? The next time you decide to grace the club with your presence, don’t be surprised if the club is hoppin’ and the Facebook Places page for it isn’t.

(via Mashable)

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