Can’t Find an iPad 2? LG Display Gets Blamed

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Industry sources are blaming LG Display for light leakage problems in the iPad 2, which in turn caused supply shortages.

Finding an iPad 2 for sale has been rather difficult since the tablet launched on March 11. Retailers sold out of the iPad 2 on launch day and have yet to catch up with demand.

Now, a report by DigiTimes says LG Display was a big part of the problem. Widely-reported screen bleeding issues originated from LG production lines, DigiTimes’ unnamed sources said. As a result, the company had to reduce its shipments for the first quarter, hitting only 3.2 million panel shipments, compared to 4 million for rival display maker Samsung Electronics. Shipments will reportedly resume at full speed in the second quarter.

If you’re still searching for an iPad 2, you can try a couple of online tools, iPad 2 Scanner and iPad Locator, to check the stock at local Targets, Walmarts and Radio Shacks. You can also check manually at Best Buy’s website, but always call to confirm before heading over. If you’re patient and don’t want a hassle, the Apple Store lists a ship date of one to two weeks.