Reports Say Another Security Attack Is Planned Against Sony

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According to a report by CNET, Sony may have to brace itself for another hack this coming weekend.  Yes, another one.

An observer of the IRC channel used by hackers says that the third major attack is planned for Sony’s website, as punishment for the way Sony has handled the PlayStation network breach. The company only alerted customers a full week after the initial network hack, though it should have been much sooner.

To lay it on thick, the hackers also want to go a step beyond infiltrating the site. CNET says that they “plan to publicize all or some of the information they are able to copy from Sony’s servers, which could include customer names, credit card numbers, and addresses, according to the source. The hackers claim they currently have access to some of Sony’s servers.”

Sony recently admitted that the hackers stole personal information from “all of the approximately 77 million PlayStation Network and Qriocity service accounts” in a response to U.S. House of Representatives Committee investigating the matter. Gee whiz, dudes. Like that’s not bad enough compared with all of the credit card information exposed.

Weeks before ago, several Sony websites were forced down by what some people believe is the work of hacker group Anonymous. They group is believed to be responsible for the PlayStation network breach, though Anonymous has said they do not “condone credit card theft.”

Regardless whether the planned attack is hearsay or not, Sony should step up their game to ensure nothing close happens. It’s the last thing that the company really needs (hey Sony, are you ready for this weekend? Yoohoo) and would be, let’s just say, less than ideal given what it’s been through in the recent weeks.

(via CNET)

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