This Is What Facebook’s New Swanky 79-Acre Pad Looks Like

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Facebook has grown too big for its britches and its now having to relocate to Menlo Park. Bye bye Palo Alto, it’s time to go back to school work.

They’ll join the ranks of the bad boys now, moving into Silicon Valley’s Google-occupied Menlo Park. The company has plans to add an additional 9,000 employees over the next six years, according to Business Insider, which means its time for a new home. They plan to move into not just one, but two sites, which were once the former offices of Sun Microsystems and Tyco Electronics.

The first site has nine buildings, spread over 57 acres, while the second site occupies 22 acres. That’s a whooolle lotta space for a whole lot of people.

Now if that green grass doesn’t want you to make throw a Frisbee across the quad, I don’t know what does.

Photos courtesy of tehduh, when Sun Microsystems owned the campus.

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