New Yorker Subscribers Get the iPad App Now, Too

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The New Yorker‘s iPad app is one of the nicest tablet versions of any print magazine: published every Monday at the same time as its paper-and-staples equivalent, it features additional pieces of writing, photography and video, poets reading their poems aloud, and bonus cartoons, among its electronic bells and whistles. (It even includes a very silly video explaining how to use those digital bells and whistles, starring Jason Schwartzman and directed by Roman Coppola.)

It’s pretty expensive, as magazine apps go: each issue sells for $4.99 in iPad-ready form, which isn’t much of a savings on its $5.99 print price, especially since it includes ads, too. Still, editor David Remnick promised a year ago that we’d have “a situation where if you pay us X dollars, you can have us in any form you like.” As of today that’s slightly more true: print subscribers to The New Yorker can now register for free access to current and recent issues via the iPad app.

The app version is a bit of a memory hog–the current issue, for instance, requires a 125 MB download. (The app does include a button to “archive” each issue: removing it from your tablet, with the option of re-downloading it later.)

There are still a few glitches in pricing, though. A one-year app-only subscription to The New Yorker currently costs $59.99; a one-year print subscription, which includes the app, is $39.95. Go figure.