Turn-By-Turn Directions Coming to Windows Phones

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The next update of Windows Phone 7 wants you to pay attention. After all, you’re going to be listening to it on how to get to the nearest Target.

The next release, Windows Phone 7.5, otherwise known as “Mango,” plans to add a whole bunch of new features. Let’s face it, Windows Phone 7 is like that poor sibling of the family who never lived up to what Android and iOS was doing.

You’ll also be able to dictate SMS messages in the next software update (not really helpful if you’re sending a coded message across the dinner table in silence), and Microsoft plans to add something called “Bing Vision” and “Bing Audio.”

Bing Vision is an image scanner that will be able to scan barcodes, QR codes, text and a whole bunch of products using optical character recognition. Bing Audio, on the other hand, is said to be like Shazam, and will be built right into the Zune marketplace.

It’s all stuff that Android and iOS has been able to do for ages, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

(via wpcentral)

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