Netflix Streaming Still Missing from Androi—Whup, Never Mind

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People have been throwing the F-word around with reckless abandon concerning the sudden appearance of the ability to stream movies and TV shows with the official Netflix app for Android phones.

Not so fast, though. The streaming feature is only available for the following handsets: HTC Incredible, HTC Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G, HTC G2 and the Samsung Nexus S.

The number of compatible devices is expected to grow “quickly” according to Netflix, who says that video streaming is currently available on so few handsets because Android’s “lack of standard streaming playback features” means that “we have to test each individual handset and launch only on those that can support playback.”

Here’s more!

“We are aggressively qualifying phones and look forward to expanding the list of phones on which the Netflix app will be supported. We anticipate that many of these technical challenges will be resolved in the coming months and that we will be able to provide a Netflix application that will work on a large majority of Android phones.”

Oh, I meant to write that the F-word means “finally” up there at the top. That could have gotten kind of weird, huh?

Anyhoo, enjoy your proper Netflix experience.

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