Sorry, Other Mark Zuckerberg, the Name’s Taken

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It’s not easy being Mark Zuckerberg — if you’re not the Mark Zuckerberg, that is.

A bankruptcy attorney in Indianapolis named Mark S. Zuckerberg, has learned this the hard way. Over the last seven years, he’s been (understandably) overshadowed by the founder of Facebook. His name no longer comes up in Google searches. And most recently, Facebook removed the other Zuck’s profile, claiming false identity.

Facebook eventually realized its mistake and will reinstate the profile soon, WishTV reports, but it’s just the latest hassle for alt-Zuckerberg. He was originally denied a Facebook account two years ago, and had to prove his identity by sending his driver’s license, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Association license — reportedly a four-month process.

Don’t feel too bad for the guy, because it’s all great publicity. I can’t vouch for the quality of Mark S. Zuckerberg’s bankruptcy litigation, but his manifesto on suggests that Zuck2 keeps it all in perspective:

“I suppose there are worse things,” he writes. “I could have had the fate of the poor guy in Office Space who was named Michael Bolton, or the real Westchester, NY funeral director named Frank Sinatra.”

Besides, he wouldn’t be the first Mark Zuckerberg to capitalize off the name. Edward Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder’s dad, is quick to boast to prospective dentistry patients that he’s the Father of Facebook.

(via LA Times)