An Extra-Strength All-in-One: iMac Spring 2011 Review

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Pity the poor iMac. In an ecosystem that boasts iPad 2s, MacBook Airs and iPhone 4s, Apple’s all-in-one desktop stalwart looks like the old stand-by. It’s had a few design changes over the years, going from a plastic enclosure to aluminum and getting that glossy edge-to-edge glass display, but it’s never been quite as sexy as the other offerings in Apple’s product lines. Cupertino-built handhelds make you want to pick them up and lick them. If you did that with an iMac, you’d probably get a hernia.

But new iMacs have arrived and the most radical thing about them is what’s on the inside. Apple’s introducing Intel’s quad-core SandyBridge chip architecture to the iMacs for this year and at first blush, that decision’s a bit of a head-scratcher. If a person wanted all that processing power, the Mac Pro towers were previously the way to go, since the iMac all-in-ones have traditionally been marketed as student or family-friendly options. So, is this new souped-up iMac for you? Let’s run it down and see.

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