Facebook Beefs Up Login Security with Optional Text Approval System

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We’ve all been the victim of fake Facebook status updates from our friends. It’s not a bad thing — sometimes we forget to uncheck the “Keep me logged on” box when we’re in a rush. It’s OK. We’re human.

But Facebook’s latest round of opt-in login controls might cut down on the number of updates too unfit to publish here that you’ll see popping up in your newsfeed. Their new Login Approvals is a two tiered authentication system that utilizes a user’s cell phone to cut down on the number of unauthorized logins for both individual users and companies that maintain a presence on Facebook.

Here’s how it works: first, Facebook sends a security code to your mobile device that you use to log in from a new or previously unrecognized computer. After you’ve entered the code, Facebook will give you the option to save the device to your account so you don’t have to reinput for future logins. Unrecognized attempts to login to that account from new devices or computers will issue the same security prompt asking for the code. The result is a safer, more secure account.

You can read more about Login Approvals here, and activate it by going to “Account” –> “Account Settings” –> “Account Security” and then checking the login approvals box.

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