Leaked: Sony Letter to Publishers About PSN Outage

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“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” That’s the gist of a new, reportedly leaked letter from Sony to its publishing partners about the PlayStation Network outage, handed off by an anonymous source to Industry Gamers. If legit, it suggests Sony’s vague public tale of when and how the outage occurred doesn’t gain any insightful edges in insider communiqués.

What’s new? Not much, but we do learn that on April 19, Sony “discovered that several PlayStation Network servers unexpectedly rebooted themselves,” and that it found “unplanned and unusual activity was taking place on the network.”

The company then assembled “a larger internal team to assist the investigation of the four suspect servers,” and discovered an additional six servers “identified as possibly being compromised.” It was at that point Sony elected to pull the plug and put the network on ice.

As we’ve repeatedly heard, the attacks were “very sophisticated and aggressive,” so it’ll surprise no one that hackers attempted to hide themselves from Sony admins, “[escalating] privileges inside the servers” and “[deleting] log files in order to hide the extent of their work and activity within the network.”

The rest is just a paraphrased rehash of everything the public’s known for weeks: the servers were breached by savvy hackers, personal information was scraped, and to date, Sony says none of the info’s been used in fraudulent activity.

So “are we there yet”? Nope, and we’ve no idea where “there” even is at this point. Last we heard on Tuesday, we were “a few more days” from partial service resumption (game-related, that is). But here we are, end of the week, still waiting.