Rumored Amazon Android Devices Include Smartphone

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By now, everyone assumes that Amazon is making an Android tablet, but that’s only part of the company’s Android plans, according to one rumor.

An unnamed source told Android and Me that Amazon will launch “an entire family” of Android devices this holiday season. Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly said he confirmed the information with another unnamed source.

But like most of the other Android tablet chatter we’ve seen in recent weeks, the trail ends there, with no information on the kind of devices Amazon will reportedly launch, or how many there will be. Wimberly speculates that Amazon is working on an Android smartphone,¬†and that tablets will match the screen sizes of the 7-inch Kindle and 9.7-inch Kindle DX.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, meanwhile, is being coy about the whole thing, telling Consumer Reports to “stay tuned” regarding the company’s tablet plans. If nothing’s launching until the holidays, “be patient” might be more appropriate.