T-Mobile May Pocket $6 Billion if AT&T Merger Falls Through

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Call it a win-win for T-Mobile, as Reuters is reporting that AT&T may have promised to slide T-Mo a cool $6 billion if the $39 billion mega-merger announced earlier this year doesn’t make it past regulatory approval.

Reuters quotes “two sources who asked not to be named,” so take this information with a spoonful of skeptic syrup if you like, but the “break-up fee” would apparently guarantee T-Mobile $3 billion in cash, $2 billion in air space (spectrum), “and a roaming agreement valued at $1 billion,” says Reuters.

A Senate subcommittee hearing earlier this week found the CEOs from AT&T and T-Mobile defending the proposed merger against complaints from Sprint and concerns from subcommittee members that the deal could pave the way for decreased competition, higher prices, and antitrust issues.

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