Follow the Leader: Lady Gaga Breaks 10 Million Twitter Followers

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Lady Gaga must be feeling good about her promotional prospects for new album Born This Way. Not only has she taken over social media gaming to break ground for GagaVille, but she’s also just become the first person on Twitter to gain 10,000,000 followers.

Her ten millionth follower arrived around midnight on May 15th, and Gaga celebrated with – what else? – a tweet and a picture of herself:

Gaga had previously been behind Justin Beiber in the Twitter popularity stakes; he had been the first Twitter user to reach 9,000,000 followers last month, with Gaga close on his tail. I can’t explain how much I hope that he reacted to news of Gaga’s social media milestone by twirling an imaginary moustache and muttering “You win this round, Gaga… But just wait to see who gets eleven million followers first!” before laughing maniacally.

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