Leaked iPhone 5 Case Shows Edge-to-Edge Screen

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It happens sometimes. Occasionally, a Chinese company will manage to get their hands on Apple’s designs for its upcoming phones, and start manufacturing cases before release, giving me and you a brief sneak peek into what Apple has got planned.

An iPhone case has shown up on an Asian trading site, Alibaba.com. Kulcase, a company based in Guangdong, China, claims they’ve got an “iPhone 5G” case ready to go. While I wouldn’t sell the horses and cash in based on what could be speculation, it’s possible that the iPhone 5G may indeed have an edge-to-edge screen similar to what’s displayed.

The case also shows that the camera flash also moved. Instead of being located next to the rear camera, it’s now on the other side. Most people expect that the iPhone 5 will be making its way in September, so if you can hang tight pretty ladies, I suspect that all your burning Apple questions will be soon answered. Well, within the next four months, anyways.

(via Electronista)

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