Man Dies As a Result of New Facebook Craze, ‘Planking’

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Okay, maybe I’m just too old for this stuff. What’s this kids, “planking”? Back in my day, we liked to play it safe and try to come out with some limbs intact, at least.

A man died early Sunday morning at 4:30 a.m. after he tried to “plank” outside a balcony seven stories up in Brisbane, Australia. Sadly, he fell to his death. Like with any new cult or craze, let’s please exercise some common sense here, guys.

“Planking” for those of you who just don’t know is a new Facebook craze in Australia. It basically involves people lying facedown on objects (like a plank – get it?) while your friend, who doesn’t want to tell you how dumb you probably look, snaps a picture of you. Of course, it all goes on Facebook.

According to the New York Post, people are trying to outdo anywhere they can think of: on top of a McDonald’s sign, office desk, Saturn’s outer rings, and railway tracks (smart, or just dumb?). Unfortunately, it’s led to some pretty stupid people pulling some pretty stupid things, and eventually having to pay the price for it.

Me? I prefer to plank on top of my bed. Mostly at night, and without the photos. Oh wait – that’s called ‘sleeping.’

(via New York Post)

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