Launches Hulu-Like Offering for Web-Only Series

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Want to watch more web series but don’t know where to find the good ones? Join the club… but help is here in the form of a site described as a cross between Hulu and iTunes, giving original web content the promotion it deserves., which has previously worked behind the scenes to help promote original web creators distribute and monetize their shows, has shifted focus to become the one-stop-shop for the web series-curious out there. As CEO Mike Hudack explained, “The reality is there hasn’t been anywhere out there to discover original web series; there’s a market need and we felt a need to build it… We’re not acting like a TV exec and saying ‘This is going to be a hit or this is not going to be a hit.’ The real goal is to create something like Apple’s App Store. You know everything in the store is quality, that it’s been reviewed and is good.”

The site already has sponsorship from T-Mobile, and individual categories of show are also available for sponsorship from other companies (Reebok has already signed up, for example). Whether a site devoted entirely to the best of original web series will help the shows find a wider audience, or just help existing fans keep track of their favorite shows in the same place, remains to be seen, but surely anything is better than being hidden away behind Family Guy clips on Hulu.

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