Rumored Amazon Tablets Have Dual-Core and Quad-Core Processors

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We’ve assumed that an Amazon tablet is coming. Amazon’s CEO has hinted that an Amazon tablet is coming. All we need now are the finer details, and they’re starting to trickle in.

According to an unnamed tipster who spoke to Boy Genius Report, Amazon’s tablets will be powerhouses. One of them, code-named “Coyote,” will run on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor — the same as in Motorola’s Xoom and a slew of other high-end Android tablets that are hitting the market around now. The other, code-named “Hollywood,” will pack Nvidia’s quad-core T30 processor, also known as “Kal-El.”

What does all that technical jargon mean? Not much, for now. Raw tech specs are nothing without adequate software, and exactly what software Amazon’s tablet will be running remains a mystery. It’ll probably be based on Android, but with a lot of customizations to integrate Amazon’s Appstore, movies, music and e-books. The question, then, is whether Amazon’s Android tweaks will be able to take full advantage of Nvidia’s next-generation processor.

But if BGR’s rumor is accurate, it does put Amazon in a position to walk all over Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color. The bookseller recently beefed up its 7-inch tablet with an app store, e-mail and Adobe Flash, but it’s still a fairly weak tablet by today’s standards. It slows down on desktop-optimized websites and chokes on Flash video, and generally isn’t meant for heavy-duty tasks. Harry McCracken calls the Nook Color “the netbook of tablets.” It could be easy pray for Amazon’s dual-core and quad-core tablets if the prices are right.

Unfortunately, BGR had no other information to offer, but these tablets may not arrive until the holidays, so we’ll surely learn more through the rumor mill before then. Stay tuned.