McDonald’s Installing Self-Serve Touchscreen Kiosks

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Teenagers of the world, unite in grief. Your chances of getting a part-time job in McDonald’s just got that little bit slimmer.

The European arm of the fast food chain has ordered 7,000 touchscreen kiosks that will take orders and money (electronic money, not that outdated cash variety).

It had to happen. Supermarkets have already started the shift in this direction, installing self-service tills so that their customers end up doing all the work.

Now you’ll be able to do the same in McDonald’s. Extra cheese, more fries, a larger Coke – it will all be a tap of the finger away.

The benefits? Well, you get instant access to the full McDonald’s menu, and you know at a glance if anything isn’t available for any reason. You can ignore pleas to upgrade your order to something larger and more expensive without having to look the cashier in the eye.

The downsides? Hmm, touchscreen computers in a place stacked full of fried food. Sticky, greasy finger marks all over the screen. Ewww.

(Via CNet)