Apple Store’s Big Reveal May Be Apple Store 2.0

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The Apple rumor mill was aflutter earlier this week over the possibility of a new Apple product launch this weekend. But if 9to5Mac’s unnamed source is correct, the big surprise will actually be a revamped Apple Store.

Says the source, this “Apple Store 2.0” will have iPads at every turn, acting as interactive signage for other products and helping visitors decide what they want to do in the store. An Apple Store app will also reportedly help users connect with a product specialist or figure out where to go. Some stores may even get huge video displays and upgraded sound systems.

So basically, Apple’s making a big investment to get you to buy more Apple stuff. Yay?

In all seriousness, an Apple Store refresh makes sense at this point. Microsoft basically copied the whole setup for its own Microsoft Stores, so it’s high time for Apple to go over the top with its own enhancements. And given that the Apple Store’s 10th anniversary is today, the timing is right.

The earlier rumor from Boy Genius Report said this mystery launch would happen on Sunday, adding more credibility to 9to5Mac’s rumor because it’s unlikely that Apple would announce an actual new product on the weekend. A store revamp would give people something to do on an otherwise lazy Sunday — the perfect activity for Apple worshipers left behind by the Rapture.