Google Expands Its Offices Across Highway 101

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The Googleplex is growing. Across Mountain View’s Highway 101 in the Bay Area, that is.

Facebook may have just leased a gigantic complex, but Google’s doing some serious expanding too. The Silicon Valley-based company is expecting to add more than 6,000 employees before the end of the year. I guess they’re not too affected by the whole “recession” thing.

They’re moving into a new campus of nine buildings across the highway (for the first time ever), and leasing as much as 630,000 square feet. On top of that, they’re planning to build an additional 595,000 square feet of new space.

It seems the company is growing rapidly, and Google has outgrown the Googleplex’s britches. So on to the more pressing question: exactly how much of this 630,000 square feet will be composed of a rock climbing wall?

(via Mercury News)

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