Microsoft: Kids, Will You Buy a Windows PC If We Give You an Xbox? Please?

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It’s almost an offer worth going back to school for. Microsoft has decided that there’s a very, very good way to make Windows attractive to the kids: Bribery. That’s why they’ve announced a new deal for students that offers, basically, a free Xbox 360 for every Windows PC they buy.

Oh, okay: It’s not quite that easy. For one thing, you have to have a working .edu email address, and purchase the PC through a participating partner in the promotion (Those include, or the official Microsoft online store), and for another, you have to spend more than $699 on the PC in question. For that, you’ll receive a free Xbox 360 4GB worth around $200, although you will have to buy your own Xbox Live Gold membership if you want to play online.

The offer begins on the 22nd, and runs through the beginning of September, or until stock is gone, and will be open to American, Canadian and French students. Microsoft is so confident in the deal that they’re saying it’ll make those who participate “the coolest kid on your dorm floor” – albeit one who has a Windows PC.

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