‘Trubador’ Shoulder Case Aims to Strap in iPad Musicians

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The iPad is an awesome musical tool, with apps like GarageBand, Korg iElectribe, Mugician and Looptastic. Just one problem: If you’re a performing musician, there’s no easy way to strap in your iPad and strut around the stage.

A couple guys named Casey Ayers and Patrick Duffy think they’ve got the answer with Trubador, an iPad case for playing live music. On each side of the case, there’s a bolt to which you can affix a guitar strap. There’s also a second rigid panel that forms a wedge with the first, using two columns to hold it in place.

The result is a stand that hangs from your neck and sticks out on an incline from your mid-section, so you can easily see what you’re doing while also showing off to the audience. If an iPad laying flat on a table is like a keyboard, the Trubador is like a keytar. It’s also misspelled, just to show you how punk it is.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the Trubador right now. The guys are trying to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter to polish the final product, and promise to send you one with a $40 pledge. Don’t tell me there aren’t 375 iPad musicians itching to geek out on stage with their tablets right now.