Greenovation: Google’s New Data Facility Cooled by Seawater

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Keeping stride with Google’s recent run of green-friendly initiatives, a new data center in Hamina, Finland, takes advantages of the facility’s surrounding environment by using ocean water to cool its servers.

Google Senior Director of Datasite Construction and Operations, Joe Kava, relays that the building, purchased in 2009, was actually a paper mill that came equipped with granite tunnels for sucking in water.

The video (posted above) highlights Google’s spirit of efficiency: Heat exchangers built through the server system are used to dissipate load heat, taking advantage of salt water’s strong molecular build and capacity for absorption.

But before the newly-warmed water is released back into the ocean, it’s mixed with a fresh batch of seawater in a tempering building. By returning the water back to the ocean at normalized temperatures, Google minimizes its environmental impact on the area’s ecosystem.

Would it be trite if I said, “Now that’s cool?” Too expected, huh?

(via Business Insider)

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