Zuckerberg: Under-13s Won’t Be Allowed on Facebook Just Yet

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Breathe a sigh of relief, parents. Your pre-teens aren’t lawfully wreaking havoc on Facebook anytime soon (though we know those sneaky young’ins exist illegally in droves on the site).

Mark Zuckerberg has set the record straight about his stance on underage kids on the social networking site: It’s a conversation that should happen, but Facebook isn’t working on any such initiative right now.

“That’s just not top of the list of things for us to figure out right now,” said Zuckerberg at the e-G8 Internet forum in Paris Wednesday, Reuters reports. “Some time in the future, I think it makes sense to explore that, but we’re not working on it right now.”

Media reports recently buzzed that Zuckerberg had not only acknowledged the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act made it hard for kids under 13 to access web services like Facebook but also said he wanted to change this. But now he’s claiming that these comments were taken out of context.

Zuckerberg said at this time he isn’t saying that children under 13 should be allowed on Facebook but that the issue warrants discussion, especially for educational purposes.

“If children under 13 ever were [allowed to get on Facebook] we’d need to find a way for them to be safe,” he said, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Aw, keepin’ the kids out of PG-13 movies AND Facebook? What a cruel, cruel adult world.

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