Revealed: The 25 Most Popular Words in Any App Store

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Apparently, there’s a science to naming your mobile app if you want it to be a hit. Dutch analytics company Distimo has taken a look at the keywords that tend to appear in a lot of successful apps in the Apple, BlackBerry and Android app stores, as well as the Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

The top 25 have some you may have expected (“Sexy,” of course; also, “App” and “Widget”), but also some that you may not have (“Wallpaper”?).

Here they are:

wallpaper live guide news theme ebook clock travel app sexy game world dictionary map calculator radio love girls widget english hot puzzle football pocket city

You’ll be happy to know that my new app “Sexy Hot Pocket Puzzle Radio City” launches very soon. I hope it’ll be a big success.

Of course, there are other ways for an app to become a success. For example, there’s always the option of it just being good, although even that can affect the language of app stores. For example, Distimo tracked the growth of the words “Angry” and “Birds” following the release of the ridiculously popular game in December 2009, and found that, while “Birds” was already a popular enough term that its usage only grew six times as a result of the game’s success, use of the word “Angry” in app titles went up by a staggering 20 times.

Maybe I should call my app “Angry Sexy Hot Pocket Puzzle Radio City”…