Your Free Year of Identity Theft Coverage from Sony Is Ready

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PlayStation Network member? Me too, man. Me too. I didn’t have my credit card number on file because I’m cheap like that but I think I may dip into this free identity theft coverage Sony’s offering just in case. The world does NOT need another Doug Aamoth. And I’d hate for an identity thief to get arrested thanks to one of the 38 warrants out for me in the U.S., Canada, most of Europe, Guam (I know, right?) and Costa Rica.

The sign-up page is here and entails entering your e-mail address on a Sony-run website not once, but twice. You’ll then receive an activation code within 72 hours, at which time you’ll head over to a different, non-Sony site to finish setting everything up.

The service is called AllClear ID PLUS and is offered through a company called Debix. Sony will pony up for a year of coverage. That coverage includes a million dollars of ID theft insurance, cyber monitoring (looking for misuse of your personal info online), ID attack reporting, alerts by phone and a promise that if you have your identity stolen “our OnCall investigators will work to fully repair and restore it.”

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