Nokia Fights Back with Gold Plated Luxury Phone

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Nokia’s fighting back in the smartphone wars with something really special: a gold-plated handset.

Take that, Apple. Ha!

The Nokia Oro is plated in 18-carat gold, has a sapphire crystal on the Home button, and comes lovingly wrapped in leather from “one of Scotland’s finest Caledonian herds”.

Inside, it’s basically a C7, runs Symbian, has an 8MP camera with 720p video recording, blah blah yadda yadda.

Who cares what’s inside? It’s covered in gold, for crying out loud. This is not a phone for people who use phones. This is a phone for people who want to be seen holding a gold phone.

Nokia’s quite up front about it:

“The Nokia Oro is a device that’s clearly intended for someone who doesn’t want their mobile device to look the same as other people’s. The main markets for this sort of device are the Middle East and Russia, where they have been best-sellers for some time.”

Want one? It will go on sale later this year, and will cost you €800. That’s a little over $1,100. A bargain at twice the price, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Waiter! I’ll have the most expensive wine you’ve got. Go and pour it down the drain for me. Because I say so. Oh, is that my phone ringing? Hey everyone, look, my gold phone is ringing! Hey!