PlayStation Store to Come Back Online This Week

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PS3 owners have been enjoying online play again for the last sixteen days after the weeks-long shutdown necessary to overhaul the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. But a crucial part of the online offering’s been missing, as Sony’s kept the PlayStation Store offline to further bolster security in the e-commerce portion of PSN.

But to the joy of developers who sell content sold on the PlayStation Network, and to DLC fans everywhere, Sony’s announced the official return of PS Store, slated for the end of this week. Along with the ability to buy stuff, users also get back content streaming functionality via Sony’s first-party services. Unless, of course, you live in Japan, Hong Kong or South Korea. Folks in those places will have to continue to wait until an unspecified time.

So, whether you’ve been waiting to finally buy the Escalation Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, grab some new cases for Cole Phelps with the new L.A. Noire DLC or just grab the latest movies or music, you can finally have at it. Sony’s calling this a full restoration of PSN services; here’s hoping no interruptions happen again anytime soon.

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