Ask Techland: Best Methods for No-Touch Cellphone Use

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Cell-to-landline kits

415qySuntXL._SL500_AA300_Another decent option is to use your cellphone’s Bluetooth feature to connect it to a compatible landline phone. When someone calls your cellphone, you’ll be able to take the call on your landline phone.

It’s similar to the call forwarding feature mentioned above but you can use it conditionally—when you’re within range of your landline phone, you’ll be able to take calls on it but when you leave your home or office, your cellphone will take calls normally.

41pj0JbJGpL._SL500_AA300_You can purchase a Bluetooth enabled landline phone—the Motorola one pictured above costs $40—or you can purchase what’s called a Bluetooth gateway (pictured on the left), which will work with any existing landline phone you have. Search for “DECT Bluetooth” or “Bluetooth gateway” while shopping around online for more options.

Cell-as-landline kits

mm01_black_9_wh93441_1And last but not least, a low-tech but very usable solution can be found in the form of accessories that let you use your cellphone just like you’d use a landline phone.

One of the more popular companies, Native Union, makes these “Moshi Moshi Retro Handsets” that basically function like a big wired earpieces in the form of landline handsets.

They work with any phone that has a headset jack (all of them) and require minimal setup. They’re a little on the expensive side ($60) but you’re paying more for the style than anything else. Here’s a video I made a little over a year ago demonstrating how they work.

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