Hail to the ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ Demo and Launch Trailer, Baby

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That was a cheap title. I admit it. But you’re not here to critique my primitive word-fu. You’re here to see what Duke Nukem Forever looks like. And you want that scored with Mickey Avalon’s remix of “Stroke” by Billy Squier. So without further ado, here you go (yep, definitely NSFW—you’ve been warned!):


It’s like an ultra-distilled mega-paean to male chauvinism or something. Will it be gaming’s new enfant terribles? Probably. Do most of you care? Probably not.

The last time I played a decent comedy-shooter was Duke Nukem 3D. It’s been that long. And the wait’s nearly over: Duke Nukem Forever ships June 14th. That’s in less than two weeks. Thank you 2K Games, we’ve only been checking our watches since April 1997.

Don’t want to wait “less than two weeks”? There’s a demo! Well, if you pre-ordered the game (you’ll need a special access code). And you’ll still have to wait the time it takes to download the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 versions. But caveat downloader, the early verdict on the demo is mixed.

“#dukenukem demo just saved me 60 dollars. This game is so bad not even nostalgia can save it,” tweets AlienShogun. Ouch.

And the disappointment continues: “Wow 12 years of waiting and I’m left disappointed. Now I know how my dad must feel,” tweets Hepburn3D.

But: “From what I’ve played so far the Duke Nukem Forever demo kicks ass baby!” counters ledman1.

And: “I played the new #dukenukem demo dat gm gon be sweet can’t wait,” tweets jumpman82.

Then there’s: “[I] have to say, if I load the Duke Nukem Demo and get rick rolled, it’d [be] the best trolling of the last 2 decades,” tweets dannyBstyle.

I know, that’s last one’s not a review, but it’s kinda fun anyway.